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Former DeVos Chief Of Staff Joins Republicans Ditching Trump

Former DeVos Chief Of Staff Joins Republicans Ditching Trump

sick of Donald Trump dividing, says former staffer

Another Republican operative is speaking out, saying that he can’t support Donald Trump. In an op-ed, Josh Venable, who was once Chief of Staff for Betsy DeVos, and has held positions for the Republican National Committee and the Michigan Republican Party. Now, he’s one of many fighting to stop the Republican Party from being seen as the Party of Trump.

sick of Donald Trump dividing, says former staffer
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Writing in the Detroit News, Josh Venable says he’s exhausted. He’s tired of what he calls “the president’s politics of division and destruction,” and of the Republican Party enabling it.

I ask my fellow Republicans: Is this honestly who we are? Are the Pyrrhic victories worth it?

I strongly contend they are not. I have worked to advance education reform and school choice throughout my career. I am gravely concerned this president’s toxicity may sour a generation on those causes and many others I hold dear — causes that once united and defined the Republican Party.

He cites James Madison’s words on leaders being men with “wisdom to discern” and “virtue to pursue” the goals of society, and says that Donald Trump doesn’t hold any of the qualities that the Founding Fathers felt were important. Then he calls to mind Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign assertion that “we’re gonna win so much you’re going to get tired of winning,” since reiterated.


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Venable says Trump has it wrong — winning isn’t what is wearing him out.

“I am tired of the division, discord, chaos, vitriol and hate. I am tired of your failure and refusal to lead.”

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