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Former Democratic Senator Accuses Trump Of Mass Coronavirus Cover-up

Former Democratic Senator Accuses Trump Of Mass Coronavirus Cover-up

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to spread across the planet, world governments are racing to come up with effective solutions to prevent the virus from spreading, all the while ensuring that there are appropriate mechanisms in place to soften the blow of the looming economic crisis.

We already know our criminally stupid and inept man baby President gutted the CDC budget and disbanded the Pandemic team, putting millions of Americans in harm’s way to ensure he wins reelection.

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But former Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer took the criticism one step further, accusing President Donald Trump of engaging in a cover-up to minimize the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the stock market.

According to Boxer, Trump’s response to the crisis is egregious because he initially downplayed the pandemic in order to prevent the market from crashing — which, he so obviously failed to do and, in fact, made even worse when he continuously blamed Democrats and the media in his typical narcissistic lunatic fashion.

“I think Trump was more interested in kind of covering the whole thing up so the market wouldn’t crash, and now, we have a market that crashes on a daily basis some days, and we hope it’s going to get better, and we have the spread of this virus,” the former senator said, per reporting from The Washington Examiner.

Boxer also contended that Trump is failing when it comes to handling the epidemic and testing.

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“Something is wrong there with the federal government. I’ve never seen anything like it. We were late to the game,” she said.

Indeed, there has never been such grotesque misconduct, criminal negligence and an utter lack of sturdy leadership in a time where the country is in a deep panic. Thankfully, Democratic governors have been leading the fight and showing all the sturdy leadership Americans so desperately need.

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