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Former Democratic Candidate Admits to Sexting. Now He’s Got FEC Problems.

Former Democratic Candidate Admits to Sexting. Now He’s Got FEC Problems.

Last week, we reported about former Democratic Congressional candidate Rob Anderson, who had been credibly accused by at least eight women of sending unsolicited nude photos and sexual texts, some while in his employ as staffers. At first, Anderson tweeted that he was being attacked, the target of a “shadowy cabal” out to get him. But in a short amount of time, Anderson tweeted out a thread explaining his actions and then changed his Twitter profile photo to that of a cat and wrote “I am responsible for my actions” as his bio.

And then he locked his Twitter account.

Slowly, as more information about Anderson’s behavior emerged, fewer apologists were tweeting on his behalf. He made a few attempts to explain himself to users who were still willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.


But then a new thread from Twitter user “Dr Disseminates News” on Monday revealed more of Anderson’s shady financial behavior as he avoided the FEC.

And now Anderson’s account is gone.

It is not known if Twitter removed Anderson’s account or if he disabled it himself.  Anderson reportedly was losing followers by the thousands after admitting the accusations from our article were in fact true. Worse, he’s left a string of former followers feeling disappointed that they trusted him and gave him their money. “How will we know who we can trust after this?” one of Anderson’s victims lamented in an exclusive DM chat with HillReporter.

Anderson also has apologized in a mainstream media interview where he once again blamed his autism (which has not been verified by HillReporter) for his sexual misconduct. Some Twitter users were so angered by Anderson, they were inspired to begin removing other predatory accounts from the platform.


Others are just glad he’s gone.


With Anderson gone from Twitter, the women he targeted are feeling some relief, but are still concerned he may be using sock puppet accounts to monitor their activity. HillReporter will be keeping close tabs on this story and will share any updates.

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