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Former Classmates of Brett Kavanaugh Say They’ve Been Ignored by The FBI

Former Classmates of Brett Kavanaugh Say They’ve Been Ignored by The FBI

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The FBI report on Brett Kavanaugh will be revealed to Senators this morning. By handing in the report days before their deadline, the bureau has opened itself up to criticism that they did not perform a full investigation.

The FBI first decided that they would not speak with Blasey Ford after her testimony in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Ford’s lawyers said they contacted the FBI but never heard any response from them.

Many classmates of Brett Kavanaugh have also contacted the bureau to act as witnesses and they say they have been ignored.

One of the most important former classmates of Kavanaugh is Kenneth Appold who is now a professor at Princeton’s Theological Seminary. He called to corroborate Debbie Ramirez’s claim of sexual assault.

Appold wanted to act as a witness despite not having a relationship with Ramirez. He said, “I believe her because it matches the same story I heard 35 years ago, although the two of us have never talked.”

James Roche has also reached out to the FBI and received no reply. Roche is potentially a strong character witness as he was a roommate to Kavanaugh during their Freshman year.

Roche wrote of Kavanaugh, “Brett Kavanaugh stood up under oath and lied about his drinking and about the meaning of words in his yearbook. He did so baldly, without hesitation or reservation.”

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With the FBI ignoring his plea to testify, Roche has taken his message to the press. First, he wrote an op-ed in Slate and has also been seen on CNN programs discussing his experience with Kavanaugh.

A former friend of Kavanaugh at Yale, Chad Ludington took the same tact, relating a story in which Kavanaugh allegedly started a drunken bar fight.

While the FBI report is in and Senators will soon decide his fate, Kavanaugh will still be judged in the court of public opinion. It would not be surprising to see more former classmates take their story to the press.

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