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Former CIA Director Predicts Mueller’s Final Indictments are Coming This Week

Former CIA Director Predicts Mueller’s Final Indictments are Coming This Week

Former Director of the CIA, John Brennan, believes the final indictments in the Russia investigation led by special counsel Robert Mueller could be made this Friday, ending his part in what has thus far been a wide-reaching inquiry.

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Speaking on Tuesday evening with MSNBC “The Last Word” host Lawrence O’Donnell, Brennan predicted that other aspects of Mueller’s investigation would live on in other ways, but that the specific Russia investigation led by the special counsel could come to a conclusion by the weekend.

“I think Robert Mueller wants to be able to conclude his work and turn over the investigative threads to the Southern District of New York, the Eastern District of Virginia and other jurisdictions as appropriate,” Brennan said.

Brennan added that the “final act” he thinks is coming this week could include individuals who had ties to Russia during the 2016 campaign, including some who were working alongside the current president, Axios reported.

It would be necessary for that to be the final action, Brennan said, because it could result in Trump trying to dissolve the investigation altogether if it were otherwise done before the inquiry had concluded.

“I do think also if anybody from the Trump family, extended family is going to be indicted, it would be the final act of Mueller’s investigation because Bob Muller and his team knows if he were to do something…that would basically be the death knell of the special counsel’s office because I don’t believe Donald Trump would allow Bob Mueller to continue in the aftermath of those types of actions,” Brennan said.

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Brennan wouldn’t be the first to predict an end to the special counsel’s investigation. Although he certainly has greater insights –being the former head of the CIA– than some others who have boldly predicted that the inquiry would come to an end before, only to be proven wrong over and over again, a point that Washington Post media reporter Paul Farhi noted in an op-ed in December.

“Stories reporting that the special counsel was nearing the end of his investigation have been around for more than a year, which is more than half as long as Mueller has been conducting his investigation. Since then, Mueller has reportedly been ‘wrapping up’ or ‘winding down’ his ‘probe’ dozens of times,” Farhi wrote.

Brennan added one more quip about his prediction, per reporting from Newsweek: he felt Mueller would make the indictments this week rather than next to avoid the potential drama that could befall the investigation were the final act to land late next week.

“[N]ext Friday is the 15th of March — which is the Ides of March,” Brennan pointed out, “and I don’t think Robert Mueller will want to have that dramatic flair of the Ides of March when he’ll be delivering what I think are going to be indictments, the final indictments, as well as the report to the attorney general.”

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