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Former CDC Official Expects Team Trump to Bungle Vaccine Rollout

Former CDC Official Expects Team Trump to Bungle Vaccine Rollout

The COVID-19 pandemic is still having a devastating effect on the country. The average daily death count from the disease is now up to nearly 2,000. There is help on the horizon, though, as 3 different companies have created promising vaccines.

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The roll-out of some of these vaccines is expected to start in early December. While Donald Trump has been quick to take credit for the development of the treatments, many are worried if his administration can handle the process. This includes former CDC official Dr. Rishi Desai who said he expects Team Trump to “bungle the distribution of the vaccine.”

“The fact is that we haven’t seen anything that’s been very complicated, that’s been effectively done by the Trump administration thus far,” the former epidemic intelligence official told Yahoo Finance. “If they turn it around, that would be awesome.Do they have the resources? Absolutely they do. Everyone’s motivated to get this vaccine out there. And so the business community, the FDA, everyone’s motivated to do this. So there’s no reason they couldn’t do it. But do I think that they will likely bungle it? Absolutely.”

Dr. Desai continued, “So now think about one month from now trying to get a vaccine that’s never gotten out there before. And now you have to keep it cool. And if it can only stay there for a few days before kind of going bad, how is that going to go.”

The Doctor closed his comments, “I’m not confident that this administration can do it, just because we know that history is a good predictor of the future. Do we still have areas in the country where it’s hard to get good PPE? Yup.”

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