Former Asst. U.S. Attorney Questions Why Trump Isn’t Being Prosecuted Over Stormy Daniels Payments

The District Attorney for the Southern District of New York (SDNY) has convened a Grand Jury that is expected to make a determination on whether the evidence that has been gathered is sufficient to charge Donald Trump or others in the Trump Organization for alleged criminal financial activity. However, as is often the case with Trump, with each new scandal or misdeed, others seem to fall by the wayside.

[Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

As scandals go, the Stormy Daniels situation was multifaceted. There was the moral issue, of an extramarital affair. Christian conservatives managed to overlook it. There were gossip-column level salacious details, such as Daniels saying that she spanked Trump’s rear with a magazine with his photo on the cover. Then, there was the legal issue: the cover-up payments.

Despite Michael Cohen’s testimony that he paid off Daniels at Trump’s behest, it was the attorney, not Trump, who ended up with a prison sentence.

As the Washington Post reported, the Federal Election Commission isn’t moving forward with any investigation into the hush-money payments. However, Richard Signorelli, an attorney who previously served as Assistant U.S. Attorney,is wondering why SDNY isn’t acting.

He points out thatit wouldn’t even be a matter of Cohen’s word against Trump’s, since the former fixer has corroborating evidence, and there are other witnesses who could testify to Trump’s culpability.

In a further post, he retweeted Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, formerly Melania Trump’s top aide, pointing out that Trump “knowingly and willfully” pressed Cohen to violate election law, and questioning why he can’t be held accountable.

SDNY has not yet issued indictments, but the Associated Press reported in February that the case was, by all accounts, being dropped. One witness’ attorney told the publication that the case was dead and that prosecutors had already returned items that had been previously held as evidence.

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