Forget Trump Steaks! Get Your Trump Buddha!!

Throughout his presidency, Donald Trump was shadowed almost everywhere he went by some very unflattering likenesses of him. Most of them depicted the corpulent former commander in chief as a whining baby. There was this one that was paraded down Whitehall to protest his July 2018 visit to London.

(Photo by Edward Crawford/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images)

There was this assembly of large and small baby Trump balloons flown to protest his presidency in Philadelphia on the second anniversary of the devastation caused by Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico – the one where Trump demonstrated his version of “federal aid” by tossing rolls of paper towels into a crowd.

(Photo by Bastiaan Slabbers/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Now there’s another visage of Trump that the ever image-conscious twice-impeached one term president may find more to his liking. A furniture maker and decorator in southern China has created a sculpture of Trump in white ceramic in which the former president is sitting with his legs crossed, hands resting on his lap, head lowered, eyes closed in an apparently meditative state. The creator, Hong Jinshi, calls it “Trump, the Buddha of Knowing of the Western Paradise.”

“He has been already very successful, but now he is still tormenting himself, being obsessed, having a lot of ideas and doubts,” Jinshi told the New York Times. The six-inch tall statuette is available for purchase on the e-commerce site Taobao for about $150 and is listed as “Ancient India Know-All Buddha Trump.” There’s also an 18 inch tall version of Trump in Buddhist monk robes. It sells for about $615. To date, 36 of the statues have been purchased. Up for speculation is whether Trump ever could or did strike such a pose.

Considering what a contentious relationship Trump had with China over the course of his presidency it’s surprising how popular his image is in the country and how many different products bear his likeness. One of the more bizarre is a toilet bowl brush that uses his uniquely styled yellowish hair as bristles.

Considering that Trump recently issued a “cease and desist” letter to Republican organizations forbidding them from using his name or likeness in fundraising efforts, it will be fascinating to see if Trump does the same with the Chinese creator of the statue. Or, if he demands a percentage of the sales.

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