Ford Just Openly Attacked Donald Trump

Obama and Ford and Trump

President Donald Trump took a victory lap on Twitter on Tuesday, announcing the Ford Motor Company would be investing $9 billion in US-based facilities.

What the 45th POTUS failed to mention that it was a deal brokered by President Obama in 2015.

While Trump didn’t directly take credit for the move, he did heavily imply that it was his administration bringing Ford jobs back to America.

Ford quickly released a statement giving Obama credit:

“While Trump was quick to take credit for the investment, the plan is “consistent with what we announced previously,” Joe Hinrichs, Ford’s President of the Americas, told NBC News, noting that all three projects were in the works well before Trump took office — the largest, involving an $850 million assembly plant investment, approved as part of a deal with the United Auto Workers Union in 2015.”

Nearly all (95%) of the $9 billion in US investment is part of the 2015 agreement struck between the automaker and the UAW.  Only $350 million represents any type of additional investment, and $200 million of that has been set aside for a data center which will not create any manufacturing jobs.

Just so we have this straight, Donald Trump ran a campaign against Obama during the election cycle in which he said everything accomplished by Obama was a “disaster” and now he’s turning around and actually touting those “disasters” as his own handy work.

Most of the jobs under the plan will not come to fruition until 2019.

Welcome to the Red State…

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