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Forbes Editor: Trump is Actually $1.1 Billion in Debt

Forbes Editor: Trump is Actually $1.1 Billion in Debt

Donald Trump has always been an admirer of Forbes Magazine. He has long been obsessed with the magazine’s list of the world’s richest people. And he has often called the editing team to see if he could get himself higher up the list.

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And with Trump being such a hot-button topic, Forbes assigned a reporter solely to the Trump beat. That reporter, Dan Alexander, spent Monday digging deep into Trump’s assets. Alexander came to the conclusion that the president is over $1.1 billion in debt.

The finances of Trump came under a new microscope on Sunday when the New York Times published a story outlining how he has evaded taxes. Linking to the story, Alexander began to look at specific Trump properties.

He began, “Then we get to this part about the current state of his business, which highlights the amount of debt that Trump has coming due. We actually already know a lot about his debt — far more than most people who follow the news might think. Let’s pause here and dig into it.”

The reporter than outlined how much money is owed on each of Trump’s properties. Many of this money owed will be due to his creditors soon.

Alexander ended the thread, “Trump has other small loans against a golf club in DC, one in New Jersey and a couple of mansions. Those add up to about another $35M or so in additional debt. The total accounted for still rounds to $1.1 billion. A lot of that, as the NYT story says, is coming due soon.”

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