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For A Cost, Republican Candidates Can Rent Trump Supporter’s Information

For A Cost, Republican Candidates Can Rent Trump Supporter’s Information

In this digital age, the utilization of supporter data has become an invaluable campaigning tool. During his rise to political power, Donald Trump’s campaign built a massive list of supporter information.

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The Trump campaign is now offering to rent this information to Republican candidates locked in tough midterm races. While the practice is not illegal, it does point to another case of the Trump administration profiting off of his presidency.

The information rental is the brainchild of Trump’s Digital Director Brad Parscale. Parscale, who is seen as a digital wunderkind for the right, is also considered somewhat controversial for his ties to Cambridge Analytica.

The campaign has partnered with a company called Excelsior Strategies to disseminate the information. According to the New York Times’ Kenneth Vogel and Maggie Haberman,  “Excelsior is offering the chance to email Mr. Trump’s supporters at a rate of $35 per 1,000 addresses – or more if the renter also wants to push posts into the Facebook timelines of supporters.”

Some Republicans running in competitive suburban races are looking to separate themselves from Trump at all costs. For others, running in working class and rural areas, any ties to Trump can only benefit the candidate.

For those candidates looking to tie themselves to Trump, this information can potentially give a big boost to their campaigns. Trump supporters have shown themselves to be fiercely loyal and their support can be extremely valuable.

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Republican candidates in many races are reeling from the massive amount of money being raised by their Democratic counterparts. Politico has reported that the GOP is overwhelmed by the Democratic cash advantage.

When campaign dollars are short, it is important to utilize them in the most effective way. A direct line to Trump’s supporters is certainly an attractive way for Republican candidate to use their contributions.

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