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Fog City Midge’ Is A Case Study In The Right Wing Turning On Donald Trump

Fog City Midge’ Is A Case Study In The Right Wing Turning On Donald Trump

It’s a recognized fact that Donald Trump still has massive influence on the Republican Party. However, it’s also clear that he’s splintering the party, as segments split off to go in other directions. At the Congressional level, it’s visible in the occasional Republican speaking out against Trump’s worst effects, or defying the party to support bipartisan legislation. Outside of Congress, you can see it in influencers like Fog City Midge.

[Screenshot via Fog City Midge/YouTube]

“Fog City Midge,” or Maggie VandenBerghe, has shifted from credits on IMDB to appearances at CPAC — but now it seems she’s ready to blame Donald Trump and his family for the events of January 6th (which she sees as entrapment of patriots, rather than an attack on democracy), and she’s urging her following to hold him accountable and move on.

She’s now affiliated with the Patriot Party, and she wants the Trumps to stop taking credit for what she sees as the successes of the movement — but she wasn’t always a never-Trumper.

On January 5th, the day before the attack, she spoke at a rally supporting the claim that the election was stolen.

On January 6th, she tweeted her support of Trump, including arguing that he didn’t incite any violence and defending him across social media.

Then in February, she spoke to RightSideBroadcasting at CPAC, praising Trump and attacking the few Republicans who dared to criticize and oppose him.

Fast forward to November, though, and we see a different view from Fog City Midge. Patriot Takes shared a screenshot from one of her social media accounts.

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If it’s not clear what you’re seeing there, VandenBerghe has shared a Disclose.tv post about Jacob Chansely’s sentencing for his role in the January 6th attack. Chansley landed one of the longest sentences of any 1/6 defendant so far, equaled only by a rioter who punched an officer, and Midge isn’t happy about it. She’s added her own thoughts to the post, calling Chansley a “strong activist” with a “good heart” who “was ushered into the Capitol,” and poses the question: “What has Donald Trump or the Republican Party done to help the people” who attacked the Capitol on Trump’ behalf — or in her words, who were “led into a trap.”

Fog City Midge isn’t exactly Tucker Carlson, with millions of viewers on a nightly show, but she clearly has some significant influence in right-wing circles, and if she’s dumped Trump, it’s emblematic of one more section of Republican voters who are splitting off from the Party of Trump.

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