Florida Venue has Canceled Marjorie Taylor Greene's January 6th Event

A Florida venue has canceled a campaign event where Marjorie Taylor Greene was set to appear after learning that January 6th insurrectionists would be celebrated. 

The 2021 insurrection was a dark, dark moment for the country. The far-Right has worked hard to change the narrative over the attack on the Capitol. Both Donald Trump and Marjorie Taylor Greene has defended the insurrectionists and criticized their punishments. 

Employees at the Westgate Hotel in Kissimmee, Florida noted that they were told the event would be a book signing. They were not aware that the 3rd anniversary of the attack on the Capitol would be commemorated. 

The hotel said in a statement, "Please be advised that Westgate was not made aware of the purpose of this event when we were approached to host a book signing. This event has been canceled and is no longer taking place at our resort."

Greene wasn't willing to answer questions about the cancellation from reporters in Iowa. She told them, "I really don’t understand the point of your question. It doesn’t make any sense. Aren’t we talking about President Trump? Aren’t we’re talking about Iowa?"

The Georgia congresswoman has been open about her support for the insurrectionists. She said in a 2022 interview, "I want to tell you something: If Steve Bannon and I had organized that, we would have won, not to mention, it would have been armed." She would later say that she was kidding.