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Florida Republican Tells Voters To Commit Same Fraud GOP Falsely Alleged Of Dems

Florida Republican Tells Voters To Commit Same Fraud GOP Falsely Alleged Of Dems

Quite recently, Georgia Republicans claimed that liberals were planning to temporarily move to the state, or pretend to do so, in order to sway the special elections coming up in January for Senate. It was an idea spun of whole cloth — there was no basis for it whatsoever. Now, however, a Florida attorney has told Republican voters to carry out a similar act.

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Less than two weeks ago, Marjorie Taylor Greene, a Georgia Representative-Elect, claimed that Democrats would either move to Georgia in order to vote in the January elections, or falsify documents for the same purpose. She called for the state to make this illegal, which it already is.

Now, however, WSBTV reporter Nicole Carr has captured video of an attorney speaking to voters in Florida and telling them to change their address for the next two months so they can sway the election outcome.

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His name is Bill Price, and he gave the crowd his brother’s address in Georgia, saying that he was registering at that address, and voting for Kelly Loeffler and David Purdue in the Senate elections. He repeated the address for voters to copy down, and affirmed when one voter asked if they can all register at this address too. He advised them to have mail sent to the address as evidence of their move, and that they can register online.

He later told Carr that he wasn’t serious, but WSBTV was able to confirm that he had indeed registered to vote in Georgia, using his brother’s address.

The Wall Street Journal addressed the logistics of this particular type of fraud last month, noting that a person would have to be registered by December 7 to vote in the January elections, and noted that a spokesperson for the Secretary of State ” cited state law that it is a felony to vote in Georgia elections if you are not a legal resident or if you are residing in the state briefly with the intention just to vote and then move away” — making Price’s suggestion a risky proposition, and placing him, if the State Board of Elections verifies that he has engaged in fraud, at risk of legal prosecution.

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