Florida Rep. Calls on State To Shut Down Mar-a-Lago for Ignoring Mask Mandate During Super-Spreader NYE Party

Pandemic or not, there is a New Years Eve party at Mar-a-Lago every year. Despite a hefty entrance fee of $1,000, Donald Trump opted not to join his fans at the event this year. CNN’s Nia Malika Henderson reported that the president was too embarrassed and humiliated to go to the party.

Videos of the event showed performers like the Beach Boys and Vanilla Ice performing for the revelers. They also showed a complete lack of face masks and social distancing. And because the club ignored social distancing guidelines, a Florida state Rep. is calling on the state to shut it down.

Omari Hardy, who represents Florida’s 88th District, told CBS News, “I am calling on Palm Beach County to fine Mar-a-Lago and to shut it down. The County must be assured that this business will comply with our local mask mandate before it is allowed to reopen.”

The lawmaker continued, “I recognize that the President is a powerful person and that his business, Mar-a-Lago, is a daunting target for enforcement, but the law is the law. The County’s mask mandate applies to all businesses in Palm Beach County. The presidency does not confer to the President and his friends a special privilege to endanger the health and welfare of Palm Beach County’s residents.”

Hardy closed his remarks:

“I have been in touch with attorney Daniel Uhlfelder. Mr. Uhlfelder is a skilled attorney and an outspoken advocate for better government policy in the wake of this coronavirus pandemic. He is well known for suing Governor DeSantis for essentially abdicating his duty to govern throughout this crisis. Mr. Uhlfelder and I have discussed various options for ensuring that the County’s mask mandate is enforced and that no business owner is given special treatment.”




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