Florida Official Opposed Mask Ordinance — Now He’s In Critical Condition

St. Johns County Commissioner Paul Waldron’s daughter is asking people to pray for her family, and take the necessary steps to protect their own. Her father, who opposed mask ordinances to protect against the spread of COVID-19, is hospitalized with the virus, and she says that he is in septic shock and facing organ failure.

Paul Waldron, no masks, covid19
[Image via St. Johns County Government From left to right, Commissioners Jeb Smith, James Johns, Paul Waldron, Henry Dean, and Jeremiah Blocker.]

Raw Story reports that last month, St Johns County held a vote on an ordinance requiring county employees to wear masks. Waldron voted against the ordinance, saying he had more questions about types of masks required, and whether enough were available for all employees and citizens.

The measure failed, 3-2.

According to News4Jax, in the same meeting, Waldron joined 3 of 4 other county commissioners in refusing to consider a countywide mask mandate for all citizens. Another commissioner, Jimmy Johns, said that he opposed a mask mandate because some people might wear masks that are not sufficiently effective, and have a false sense of security.

The commissioners left the possibility open for discussion at a later date.

On social media, users are responding with sentiments ranging from schadenfreude to anger (that Waldron’s choice affected others as well as himself) to defense of the commissioner.

Rather than express glee at someone else’s misfortune, it can be hoped that activists will encourage lawmakers to consider this risk in their further decisions. St. Johns County plans to hold a meeting on Tuesday to discuss ongoing emergency measures.

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