Florida Couple Arrested and Fined Thousands For Using Fake Vaccine Cards to Enter Hawaii

It is incredibly simple to get vaccinated against the coronavirus. While there was a bit of a wait to get inoculated when the vaccines first came out, that it over. Most Americans can simply go to their neighborhood pharmacy and get the shot for free.

PORTLAND, OR – DECEMBER 16: A healthcare worker displays a COVID-19 vaccine record card at the Portland Veterans Affairs Medical Center on December 16, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. The first rounds of Pfizer’s vaccine were administered in Oregon on Wednesday. (Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

Still, millions are resisting the shot. While they may not see the consequences of being unvaccinated at home, travel may get difficult. And some people, in order to travel are seeking out fake vaccine cards.

A couple from Florida needed to show proof of vaccination to travel to Florida. Rather then get their shots, they presented fake vaccine cards. They were summarily arrested and fined for their actions.

Daniela and Enzo Dalmazzo were arrested on the North Shore on August 11th. Not only did they provide fake cards for themselves, they did so for their children as well.

The children, though, were too young to get vaccinated so officials quickly figured out the scheme. According to Hawaii News Now, “Enzo Dalmazzo was charged with one count, and Daniela Dalmazzo was charged with three counts, including those for her two kids. They were cited a total of $8,000. They have since posted bail.”


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