Florida Attorney Handing Out Body Bags: Ted Cruz Says,“Please stop the hate”

An attorney in Florida has been causing quite a fuss with his pro lockdown stunts. Earlier in May, Daniel Uhlfelder, disguised himself as the Grim Reaper, in order to, scare beachgoers. He then leveled up to placing body bags at the Tallahassee capital building. Now he is raising the stakes again. He has informed the public that he will be handing out body bags to beachgoers themselves.

One person who is not liking these tactics is Sen. Ted Cruz of Texas.  Cruz attacked ActBlue, which is a fundraising platform that Unlfelder is using to raise money for political causes. “ActBlue morbidly celebrating death,” Cruz said of the platform. Cruz then pleaded, “Please stop the hate.” The pleading seemed to backfire as the attorney actually used Cruz’s callout as publicity to raise more funds.

Cruz is not the only political figure to have his feathers ruffled by Uhlfelder. Back in January former Gov. Mike Huckabee got a taste of the attorney’s wrath. Huckabee tried complaining about the attacks but to no avail.  the complaining only helped Uhlfelder.

The local attorney who represents Beaches For All in Florida unearthed a picture of Huckabee with an old associate of Donald Trump’s who had been indited. Uhlfelder works to protect public access to beaches and Huckabee had just built a beachfront mansion. This made the former Governor a prime target for the Florida Attorney. Huckabee’s complaining about the attack only grew the attorney’s following from around 400 followers to over 80,000.

Needless to say that the back and forth probably isn’t over.

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