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FL. Candidate Claims Deep State Operative Patti LaBelle Attempting to Reinstall Obama to Presidency in Coup

FL. Candidate Claims Deep State Operative Patti LaBelle Attempting to Reinstall Obama to Presidency in Coup

In the current highly politicized climate, candidates who are seen as far-right are having success in primaries. Extreme gun rights activist Lauren Boebert recently knocked off long-term Colorado lawmaker Scott Tipton. QAnon fanatic Jo Rae Perkins will be the Republican nominee in an Oregon senate race.

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But no candidate, perhaps, buys into conspiracy theories more than Florida 18th hopeful KW Miller. Miller recently went on a long tweetstorm where he claimed singer Patti LaBelle was a member of the Illuminati.

Unlike Boebert and Perkins, Miller is on the November ballot as a non-party affiliated candidate.. He will be a heavy underdog against Republican incumbent Brian Mast.

Miller, however, may feel that baseless conspiracy theories are the key to defeating Mast.

The hopeful took to Twitter on Sunday to accuse LaBelle of reinstalling Barack Obama to the presidency in a left-wing coup. “What does Deep State Operative Patti LaBelle know about the secret plan to reinstall Barack Obama as POTUS? Watch this video and be sure to share it worldwide. RETWEET. What does she know? Seems like more than an innocent slip of the tongue.”

Miller also wrote of the singer, “Patti LaBelle is another Illuminati globalist puppet. 1991: “I’m under your spell. I don’t want to break free. You can make a slave out of me. I worship you and nobody else. I pledge my love to you forever.” Who was she professing this to? Moloch? Lucifer? Who?”

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After his tweets went semi-viral, Miller stayed on the attack. “Black twitter and their blue check leftist white saviors are after me about my Patti LaBelle comments,” he wrote. “I can’t imagine words about a pop star offending me. Does mommy still tuck you into bed at night?”


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