FL Dem Rep. Demings Blasts DeSantis for COVID Cover-Up, Offer to Host RNC

Val Demings was elected to represent Florida’s 10 district in the fall of 2016. She’s never been more prominent, though, than she has been in 2020. As a top contender for Joe Biden’s Vice President slot, Demings is fast becoming well known throughout the country.

Photo by Senate Television via Getty Images

Her home state of Florida features a Republican governor in Ron DeSantis who has often been eager to please Donald Trump. According to Demings, this relationship has led DeSantis to cover-up the true effect that COVID has had on the state. She also says the governor’s offer to host the Republican National Convention is shortsighted and dangerous.

Demings made the comments during a Monday appearance on ABC’s The View. When asked by host Sunny Hostin about the state’s lack of transparency on COVID, she replied:

“We have had some issues with our response to COVID-19. We know the story about the analyst who was fired, she says because she was being honest about what she was reporting. We certainly see the numbers in Florida, and while they are better than originally predicted, I believe a lot of that is because individuals took responsibility on their own to shelter in place and practice the CDC guidelines.”

The Democratic lawmaker also discussed DeSantis’ decision to allow Republicans to hold their convention in the state.

“And as we continue to see numbers go up in Florida, why on Earth would you push to have the convention here and bring tens of thousands of people here and expose them, risk their health,” Demings asked. “The health, safety and well-being of the American people is the president of the United States’ No. 1 responsibility. But obviously he does not know that and does not understand that.”

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