‘Fixer’ Michael Cohen Tweets Video Mocking Donald Trump

Michael Cohen was once Donald Trump’s personal attorney — known as his ‘fixer.’ Then he went to prison for a handful of charges for financial and campaign contribution crimes, committed in service of Trump. Released early due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the former fixer is back online — and tweeting mockery of his former star client. On Friday, he shared a video making fun of Trump’s errors in speech, declaring that sometimes the words coming out of the president’s mouth “make even me go ‘hmmm’.”

Michael Cohen mocks President Donald Trump
[Photo by Ira L. Black/Corbis via Getty Images]

Donald Trump once relied on Michael Cohen for legal solutions, to such a degree that Cohen was known widely as Trump’s ‘fixer.’ After Cohen faced charges, however, and testified about his activities as Trump’s attorney, Trump had a lot of criticism to hand out. He called Cohen a fraudster and a bad attorney, and accused him of lying to reduce his sentence.

Now, Cohen is out of prison, spending his days at home where he’s free to tweet and watch Daily Show clips to his heart’s content. On Friday, he shared one with his followers, numbering close to a half million.

The clip is from December, while Cohen was still incarcerated, and it’s a compilation of Donald Trump mispronouncing or struggling to say words during speeches or public appearances throughout 2019. Cohen says he’s almost finished a book he’s writing about the president, with an expected release date in September, and earlier this week he celebrated another ruling that prevented Trump from blocking the publication of a tell-all (this one by Trump’s niece, Mary Trump) that could paint him in a negative light: “Favorable ruling yesterday by the Court as I am close to completion of my book…anticipated release date will be late September.”

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