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Five-Minute News 12/10/21: “Backward Slide Of Democracy;” Judge Rules Against Trump, Voting Rights In NYC

Five-Minute News 12/10/21: “Backward Slide Of Democracy;” Judge Rules Against Trump, Voting Rights In NYC

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Friday’s edition addresses several stories relating to U.S. politics, touching on the function of democracy, voting rights, and presidential powers — both in and out of office. You can watch the full episode below, or subscribe via your preferred podcasting app.

Highlights of today’s episode begin with U.S. President Joe Biden saying he’s concerned about a global “backward slide” of democracy. He’s calling on leaders to work with him to bolster democratic institutions in the face of pushes for power by both China and Russia, and to protect the freedom of the press.

The U.S. House of Representatives has passed legislation that would limit the power of the presidency, though it isn’t expected to pass the Senate. The measures are a direct response to abuses of power legislators witnessed under the previous administration and would like to prevent in the future.

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Speaking of Trump, he’s lost again in court, with a Federal appeals court refusing his bid to keep January 6th documents out of the hands of Congress. Judge Patricia Millet affirmed that Congress had a legitimate interest in studying the events leading up to the attack, and that executive privilege should not protect the papers in question.

Also, New York City has made a move towards joining more than a dozen other U.S. cities in allowing non-citizens with legal resident status to vote in certain local elections — though they’d still be barred from participating in state and federal elections.

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