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Five-Minute News 12/04/21 — U.S. Jobs, French Arms Deal, & German Carbon Emissions

Five-Minute News 12/04/21 — U.S. Jobs, French Arms Deal, & German Carbon Emissions

The Five-Minute News with Anthony Davis is a morning podcast that sums up global news of the day into just about five minutes, so you can catch up quickly before you start your day. Fast, factual, and direct, without any skewing or dramatization, this daily update touches on international relations, economy, and climate.

Saturday’s edition of the Five-Minute News addresses an arms deal between France and the United Arab Emirates, the latest jobs report for the United States and expert analysis of Germany’s plans to reduce carbon emissions. You can see the full episode below, courtesy of MeidasTouch, or catch it daily via your preferred podcasting service.

First, the U.S. economy: Davis shares the latest U.S. jobs report. While numbers fell somewhat short of more optimistic predictions, the nation still added 210k jobs and had nearly 600k people enter or re-enter the labor force — the largest number in 13 months. Moreover, the unemployment rate has hit 4.2%, the lowest rate in 21 months, and hourly earning rates have increased by 4.8%.

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France has struck a deal with the UAE to provide fighter planes and combat helicopters, which is raising human rights concerns. The multi-billion euro deal aims to boost military cooperation but human rights groups fear that weapons provided by the UAE to Gulf allies could’ve been used for attacks in Yemen and Libya.

Experts have released a new study revealing that Germany’s proposal to reduce carbon emissions isn’t sufficient to reach Paris Climate Accord goals, despite being the country’s most ambitious climate efforts to date.

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