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Five-Minute News 12/02/21: Omicron In U.S., SCOTUS On Abortion, & Climate Change

Five-Minute News 12/02/21: Omicron In U.S., SCOTUS On Abortion, & Climate Change

In a few short minutes, catch up on the news before you start your day. This Thursday, the Five-Minute News with Anthony Davos covers the latest on the Omicron variant of the COVID-19 virus, which has now been confirmed in the United States, the abortion case before SCOTUS, and global responsibilities to address climate change, in particular, the call for certain countries to start doing their share to reduce carbon emissions.

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The Five-Minute News for December 2nd, 2021, is viewable below, or in your preferred podcasting app. Follow along for news highlights hitting stories of global concern.

The first case of the Omicron strain of COVID-19 has been verified in the United States, in a traveler who recently returned from South Africa. Though the strain, with its potential for increased transmission, is of concern, and Dr. Anthony Fauci has already explained that its appearance in the U.S. would be inevitable, in this case close contacts of the patient have already been tested and received negative results, and the patient’s symptoms are reportedly mild.

The Supreme Court of the United Staets is taking on another abortion case that would test the limits of Roe v. Wade, and conservative justices, who make up the majority of the Supreme Court since former president Donald Trump’s efforts to appoint three during his single term, have already indicated they lean towards upholding the law in question, chipping away further at rights to abortion access.

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Finally, as experts continue to express concerns about the changing global climate, U.S. Climate Envoy John Kerry has said that several countries, including China, Russia, and India, must do more to reduce their carbon emissions in order to curb the effects of global warming.

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