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Five-Minute News 11/30/21 — Global Inflation, Election Disinformation, & Omicron

Five-Minute News 11/30/21 — Global Inflation, Election Disinformation, & Omicron

It’s the morning’s news in minutes. Today Anthony Davis covers the global economy, and how inflation is surging due to the effects of the pandemic, as well as how disinformation was used in the 2020 United States Presidential Election to push Latino voters away from support of Joe Biden, and the latest on response to the Omicron variant.

Watch the full episode of Five-Minute News below for the news of the day in less time than a coffee break, and get up-to-date on some of the important stories of the day.

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First, Davis addresses inflation, which isn’t just hitting the United States, but causing struggles for businesses and consumers worldwide. Though lockdowns have ended and consumers are ready to buy again after almost two years of the COVID-19 pandemic disrupting life everywhere, supply chain issues and high energy costs are contributing to shortages and rising prices on everything from food to gasoline.

Also, hear more about the disinformation that was spread on social media prior to the 2020 election. Specifically, Davis addresses false stories that were spread on Facebook in Spanish, aimed at directing Latino voters away from Biden, reporting that Facebook’s ability to address false information about topics from politics to health is nearly non-existent when the posts aren’t in English.

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In other news, carbon emissions are up as economies rebound, and the latest variant of COVID-19 to draw concern from experts is pushing leaders to encourage vaccination and booster shots, with some countries considering further lockdowns, though in the U.S. President Biden has assured the public that’s not currently on the table.

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