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Five-Minute News 11/26/21 — Vaccination Safety In Pregnancy, Immigration, Ethiopia

Five-Minute News 11/26/21 — Vaccination Safety In Pregnancy, Immigration, Ethiopia

Need a quick catch-up on the news of the day? Here’s a five-minute summary from Meidas Touch‘s Anthony Davis, hitting some of the top headlines for November 26th, 2021. In today’s segment, the Five-Minute News covers new data on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines during pregnancy,

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Watch the Five-Minute News below for a quick factual coverage the world’s most important stories featuring politics, inequality health, and climate, in a relatable, accessible format.

Today, journalist Anthony Davis covers vaccine safety in pregnancy, reporting that new data continues to support the safety of vaccines for pregnant people, showing that the incidence of stillbirth, premature birth, and low birth weight are not higher among the vaccinated — “especially reassuring, given that the first pregnant women to be offered the vaccine were those with underlying health conditions who would be expected to be at higher risk of complications.”

On European immigration, the report covers plans of French and British ministers to meet and discuss how their countries can cooperate to crack down on smuggling and human trafficking, in a time of increased numbers fleeing poverty and conflict.

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Also, Ethiopia responds to statements by the United States government that it says are untrue, and denounces U.S. interference in the nation’s internal affairs, as tens of thousands rally in the Capital.

Anthony Davis created the Five-Minute News to fill a need for factual, verified, responsibly-reported news without dramatization, embellishment, or theatrics, to “cut through the noise” of television news, but with more depth than the traditional radio bulletin.

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