First Trophy Wife Melania Trump Fires Back At Critics Of Pointless Tennis Pavillion

The stock market is plunging, the collapse of an alliance between OPEC and Russia is tanking the oil market, and COVID-19 continues to spread across the country on a daily basis.

In other words, the biggest concern on Americans’ minds is the building of a tennis pavilion at the White House.

First Trophy Wife Melania Trump was justifiably torched after her tweet about building a tennis court at the White House, amid the coronavirus outbreak and in the wake of deadly Tennessee tornadoes.


Apparently promoting a healthy diet and tackling childhood obesity — two issues that former First Lady Michelle Obama focused on — is nothing compared to wearing your best “work” model clothes as you pose in front of blueprints for a useless tennis court.

Melania, however, addressed her critics over the weekend.

Being married to a philandering, lying, bloated, sociopathic racist certainly has its perks, but much like her indignant and perpetually defensive husband, the First Lady is always playing the victim.

For example, Melania once hilariously claimed that she is the most “bullied person in the world.” Maybe she should follow her husband’s Twitter feed since she doesn’t seem to understand the definition of bullying.

Notwithstanding, the White House broke ground on the tennis pavilion in October and has said that private donations and no public funds will be used in the construction of the project. We shall see.

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