First Credible Post Debate Poll Has Biden Leading Trump Nationally by 13%

Donald Trump has a big chance on Tuesday night to improve his election chances. After months of terrible poll numbers, the president got to speak to many more Americans than usual. The event turned out to be a disaster for Trump as he frequently interrupted his opponent and failed to denounce white supremacists.

CLEVELAND, OHIO – SEPTEMBER 29: U.S. President Donald Trump participates in the first presidential debate against Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden at the Health Education Campus of Case Western Reserve University on September 29, 2020 in Cleveland, Ohio. This is the first of three planned debates between the two candidates in the lead up to the election on November 3. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Still, Trump told reporters yesterday that he saw 6 polls and all of them said he won the debate. According to a new poll released by CNBC, most voters felt Biden won. Even worse for the president, the survey had Biden up in the national election by 13%.

The study conducted by CNBC/Change Research over the last two days. The poll found that Biden held a lead over Trump of 54%-41%. While there have been plenty of quality polls showing Biden with a double-digit lead, this is one of the largest leads in recent memory.

The poll also showed that voters felt that Biden crushed Trump in the debate. A total of 53% of respondents felt that the former Vice President won the debate. Only 29% of those surveyed thought that Trump had the upper hand.

Amazingly enough, the voters are also willing to endure more debates. 55% of those asked felt that there should be more debates compared to only 28% who felt that there shouldn’t be.


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