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Fired Professor Sues Yale; Says Criticizing Trump, Dershowitz, Is A Professional Duty

Fired Professor Sues Yale; Says Criticizing Trump, Dershowitz, Is A Professional Duty

Alan Dershowitz believes Epstein Videos exonerate him

Dr. Bandy Lee was a professor at Yale when she tweeted about Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, and Rudy Giuliani having a ‘shared psychosis.’ After Dershowitz claimed this was a ‘diagnosis’ under the Goldwater Rule, Dr. Lee was fired. Now she’s suing the school for wrongful termination.

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According to Sunlight Reports, it began when Dershowitz declared his sex life “perfect.” He has been associated with Jeffrey Epstein, and as Insider reports, accused of rape by one Virginia Giuffre, who says that Epstein facilitated the crime. Dershowitz not only denies the rape, but has publicly and repeatedly attacked the character of his accuser.

When Dershowitz referred to his sex life as “perfect,” University of Minnesota Law Professor and Yale Law School alumnus Richard Painter suggested this sounded like the same kind of denial Donald Trump engaged in when he referred to a phone call with Ukraine, in which he tried to finagle a favor of sullying his presidential opponent’s name, by the same word — “perfect.” Painter commented on the coincidental use of the same word in denying guilt, and tagged Lee.

Lee responded in agreement, adding that under some circumstances, the coincidence could be dismissed as “ordinary influence” — but in this case, Trump’s following is prone to a “shared psychosis” and that Dershowitz may have “wholly taken on Trump’s symptoms by contagion.”

In January of last year, Yale Daily News reported that Dershowitz had complained and asked the school to investigate the psychiatrist, complaining that she had “publicly diagnosed [Dershowitz] as psychotic…without ever examining or even meeting” him.

In February, Dr. Lee extended an invitation to Dershowitz via Medium, asking him to join her for a dialogue about several matters, including Trump’s mental state and abuse of power. She reported later that he had never responded, “despite his habit of responding within minutes.”

“This reduces credibility to his claim that he desired a “dialogue” over being “diagnosed” and confirms his disinterest in engaging in anyone who disagrees with him. He appears to wish strongly to remain in his conclusion that I “diagnosed” him for “defending constitutional rights” (the desire not to have one’s true motives exposed, and the drive to create an alternative reality in order to hold onto one’s cherished beliefs, additionally points to a shared psychology with the president).”

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According to Law, she’s now suing Yale for breach of contract and wrongful termination, disputing that her statements amounted to a “diagnosis” under the Goldwater Rule, and instead maintaining that they fall not only within the bounds of free speech, but that they reflect a duty to warn the public of the danger presented by governmental leaders who show a clear inability to carry out their duties.

As the NH Register reports, Lee has expressed this openly for some time, including serving as editor of a book in which 27 psychiatric professionals warn the public about the danger of Donald Trump, and holding a conference at Yale about the professional responsibility to warn when a leader poses a risk to the nation.

She explains, “My concern is not Mr. Trump’s personal mental health. It is the threat that he poses to the public by virtue of occupying the office of the presidency, and I am acting on my obligation to the public, as professionals have an obligation to the public and not just to their private patients.”

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