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Fewer Sex Traffickers Prosecuted Under Trump Administration — Often Due To ‘Prioritizing Resources’

Fewer Sex Traffickers Prosecuted Under Trump Administration — Often Due To ‘Prioritizing Resources’

Statistics for the past decade and a half show that under the Donald Trump Administration, a smaller percentage of sex traffickers faced Federal charges. There are several reasons for this, but one reason given was merely that resources were being allocated elsewhere.

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Nonpartisan Trac reporting through Syracuse University collects statistics on the number of cases referred for Federal charges, and how many of those are actually charged. Some are not charged at the federal level because they’re instead passed on to the state level or handled in other ways. About 2/3 are not prosecuted due to lack of sufficient evidence. However, this leaves another group — cases that aren’t prosecuted because of “the need to prioritize federal resources and interests.”

While the Q-Anon conspiracy cult paints Trump as the protector of children and enemy of child sex abusers everywhere, it turns out that when it comes to prosecutions, this notion just doesn’t hold up.

Under the George W. Bush Administration’s last term, from 2005-2009, 46% of child sex trafficking cases referred for Federal prosecution resulted in charged.

Under the two terms of the Barack Obama Administration, this increased to 49%.

Under Trump, it has fallen to only 43%.

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Despite these facts, a YouGov survey found that half of Trump’s supporters believe that his perceived political enemies — Democrats in high-level positions — are secretly involved in a pedophile ring, and that the president is working behind the scenes to dismantle it and take down the perpetrators.

Trump has helped this belief along with proclamations that claim he is a strong force against child sex trafficking, despite his association with Jeffrey Epstein, specific child rape allegations against Trump himself, and Trump’s own boasts about backstage access to minors in stages of undress.

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