Federal Prosecutors Introducing New Charges That Bring Parnas Closer To Giuliani

President Donald Trump may have been able to avoid impeachment over his ‘perfect’ phone call with the president of Ukraine, but that certainly doesn’t mean his top weasel and consigliere Rudy Guiliani is in the clear.

Photo by Aaron P. Bernstein/Getty Images

CNN reports that Federal prosecutors are in the process of weighing new charges against Rudy Giuliani associate Lev Parnas and at least one of his business partners for misleading investors at Fraud Guarantee, the Florida-based company that paid Giuliani $500K.

Parnas, the shadowy businessman who played a central role in the campaign to pressure Ukraine, who Trump supposedly never met (he’s pictured with Trump more than his son Baron), despite overwhelming reports to the contrary and a leaked audio recording of a dinner with Trump and his filthy rich supporters, created Fraud Guarantee with the idea of providing insurance to companies to protect against fraud.

Further scrutiny of Parnas, helpfully enough, brings prosecutors even closer to Guiliani, Trump’s worst b.s. artist, and raises more questions about what role he might have played. Manhattan Federal Prosocustors have been tirelessly investigating Giuliani’s actions, including his efforts to purge former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch, and his huge push for an investigation into the son of Trump’s political rival Joe Biden.

“We have taken into account prosecutors’ statements that they might bring additional charges against Mr. Parnas and others since the inception of this case. We are therefore not surprised, and remain prepared to defend Mr. Parnas against any such charges,” said Joseph Bondy, a lawyer for Parnas.

According to CNN, an attorney for Giuliani said the former mayor believed the purpose of Fraud Guarantee was intended to be “similar to that of LifeLock and that Giuliani had performed legal work, and that  Giuliani didn’t authorize either Parnas or Correia to make representations about his involvement.

Giuliani has not been accused of wrongdoing, but the lispy weasel might soon find himself closer to it following added pressure on Parnas.

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