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Federal Agents Raid Offices Connected To Trump-Representing Law Firm

Federal Agents Raid Offices Connected To Trump-Representing Law Firm

Law firm doing Trump taxes raided

Alderman Ed Burke’s law firm worked for Donald Trump’s businesses for over a decade. Now, his Chicago office has reportedly been raided by Federal agents, shut down, and concealed from public view. Sources say workers were told to cover all windows and glass doors with brown paper — and it’s not quite clear what’s going on behind the newly installed barrier.

Chicago Sun-Times reporter Fran Spielman shared a number of photos Thursday showing the office covered over. She noted that when she knocked on the door, someone she didn’t recognize answered and declined to comment. Initially considering that the shutdown could be tied to Burke’s political activity, she dug deeper and discovered that the office didn’t seem to have been shut down voluntarily.

According to the Chicago Tribune, others close to the situation have confirmed that federal agents entered, told employees to leave, and covered the windows. One woman leaving the office told a reporter that the FBI was inside. A police officer only confirmed that a search warrant was being executed.

Former federal prosecutor Renato Mariotti noted that Burke’s law firm had represented Trump businesses for over a decade.

While no direct confirmation between this investigation and the president has been confirmed, another raid conducted Thursday also has tenuous ties. The New York Times reports that Deutsche Bank offices were raided in an investigation into money laundering. Trump’s ties to the financial institution have been probed before, with Newsweek reporting in December 2017 that Trump was involved in a complicated series of loans through the bank at the same time certain money laundering operations were allegedly in full force.

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The Chicago Sun-Times reported in June that, citing ‘irreconcilable differences,’ Trump and Burke’s firm would no longer be doing business together, after 12 years of Burke handling tax-related cases for Trump’s businesses. The break included Burke stopping work on five cases he was currently pursuing on Trump’s behalf, seeking refunds of property taxes.

Notably, Trump has been tweeting frantically about the investigation — or “witch hunt.”




While the cases haven’t been confirmed as related to Robert Mueller’s investigation into Donald Trump, it’s a hefty coincidence that both institutions are connected closely to Trump money. It also comes at the same time as Michael Cohen’s plea deal, and Trump’s change of plans with regard to his meeting with Vladimir Putin in Argentina.

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