FEC Questions Pro-Trump Super PAC’s Finances As Potential Illegal Contributions are Scrutinized

The Super PAC ‘Rebuilding America Now’ is under investigation by the Federal Election Commission, according to a letter sent by the FEC on Wednesday.

Trump PAC Investigation
Photo Credit Gage Skidmore

The organization, which supported President Trump during the 2016 election cycle, recently amended its 2016 reports to show it received an additional $10 million during the election cycle.

‘Rebuilding America Now’ is under scrutiny by federal prosecutors for potentially accepting foreign money. The New York Times reports that the super PAC was formed in summer 2016 when Trump’s campaign was struggling for money. Then-chairman Paul Manafort recommended that he and Trump ally Tom Barrack help raise money for the PAC.

Barrack, who also oversaw Trump’s inaugural committee, told investigators later that Manafort saw ‘Rebuilding America Now’ as “an arm of the campaign, despite laws meant to prevent such coordination.

Manafort also sent “two friends from the campaign, Laurance Gay and Ken McKay,” to run the super PAC.

‘Rebuilding America Now,’ like other PACs and Super PACs, is required to disclose financing to the FEC. But RAN amended it to add $1 million in previously undisclosed donations.

The FEC’s letter states that the PAC must clarify why the money wasn’t disclosed previously, and where it came from. Failure to do so can “result in enforcement action,” according to the letter.

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