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FBI Seized Over 100 Recordings on Matters That Could Relate to Trump

FBI Seized Over 100 Recordings on Matters That Could Relate to Trump

When Michael Cohen’s office was raided back in April, many people wondered just how much evidence Trump’s personal attorney may have exposed to investigators, in regards to his most prominent client, the President of the United States.

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Last week we learned that Special Master Barbara Jones had released 12 audio recordings to prosecutors, after Trump’s legal team waived their privilege to these tapes.  Obviously the legal team would not waive this privilege unless they thought that it would benefit them in some way to have these tapes go public.  This led many legal analysts to question if there could potentially be more tapes that have not yet been released.

Last night that question was answered when the Washington Post reported, that according to two sources, the government has actually seized more than 100 recordings that Michael Cohen had created of his conversations with people “discussing matters that could related to Trump and his businesses and with Trump himself talking.”

Some of these recordings are of reporters who spoke with Cohen about Trump during his campaign and also after the election.

This report came just hours prior to Stormy Daniel’s attorney, Michael Avenatti, reporting that “Donald Trump conspired with Michael Cohen to pay off multiple other women prior to Election Day in 2016″ and that “they were also concerned about a pregnancy.”

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The Washington Post reports that Trump’s voice is heard on several of these 100+ recordings, but only in “snippets”.  Currently Trump’s team of advisers and attorneys are considering whether they should seek a court ruling to try and prevent Cohen from releasing further tapes.  They are also considering if they should fight back by releasing potentially damaging tapes of Cohen themselves.

Regardless of what’s on the tapes that were recovered by the FBI, you can’t help but think that Trump must at least be slightly concerned with what the public may eventually hear.

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