FBI Investigating Hunter Biden Smear As Russian Disinformation Campaign As Steve Bannon Involvement Unveiled

As the story about emails allegedly connected to Hunter Biden — uncovered from a laptop of unknown origin and through a questionable chain of custody — continues to circulate, new information about the origins of the story surfaces as well. It’s now been revealed that Steve Bannon boasted about holding the material back in September, and the FBI is investigating whether it’s a Russian propaganda and disinformation campaign.

[Photo by Stephanie Keith/Getty Images]

The Biden campaign has already responded to claims that the emails reveal a clandestine meeting between the former vice president and foreign agents, saying that schedules and records prove the meeting could not have taken place. However, the Trump team and right-wing entities are still pushing the story. Now it turns out that Steve Bannon was in on the plan at least as early as September, when he was recorded telling a Dutch TV station that he had “the server,” and that “you’ll see” what’s in it.

A timeline in which Trump surrogates — Rudy Giuliani as well as Bannon — held onto the material, only releasing it as Trump continued to flag in polls, only adds weight to the view that it’s part of a disinformation campaign, rather than an actual security concern. The emails allegedly come from a laptop that was abandoned by an unknown agent at a computer shop, coincidentally belonging to a Trump supporter, who is said to have handed off a copy to Giuliani’s attorney.

According to the Associated Press, the FBI is now investigating to determine whether this is connected to Russian propaganda. U.S. officials have already raised concerns that Russia is again, as in 2016, interfering in the U.S. presidential election.

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