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FBI Expert Suggests Michael Flynn May Have Worn a Wire in Conversations With Trump

FBI Expert Suggests Michael Flynn May Have Worn a Wire in Conversations With Trump

Last night, the Mueller investigation chugged along as the FBI released Michael Flynn’s sentencing memo. The report, however, was heavily redacted, leading many to speculate about the contents inside.

Susan A. Romano

MSNBC’s Morning Joe called on Frank Figluzzi to come in and help explain the memo. Figluzzi was formerly an Assistant Director for Counterintelligence at the FBI and is familiar with Robert Mueller’s methods.

He began the segment by explaining that the extensive redactions meant that the info inside was sensitive. After stating that redactions are out of character for Mueller, Figluzzi said, “We saw lots of redaction. You do that in the FBI either when you have classified information or you are at such a sensitivity level that you cannot expose it.”

Figluzzi also felt the light sentence and amount of redactions meant the investigation was aiming for convictions at the highest levels. He continued, “I think, in fact, that underneath these redactions, if we were to lift these black magic marker points out, we would see people with the last name Trump or Kushner.”

Finally, Figluzzi ended the segment with a bombshell suggestion; Flynn may have worn a wire. He told the panel, “We see reference here to quick cooperation by Flynn. What does that mean? Did it happen in what we call the golden hour, where you could even wire somebody up and have him share communications in real time?”

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Regardless of whether Flynn was wired or not, the report is troubling for Trump and people in is orbit. Flynn participated in over 19 interviews. This could mean problems for members of Trump’s family, Jared Kushner and VP Mike Pence.

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