Fauci Embraces Newfound Stardom, Praises Brad Pitt

Photo by Variety

One criticism the right-wing always has of the left is that all celebrities seem to be politically liberal. Now, that criticism is likely to be leveled at newly-minted celebrity and infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci.

Fauci became a household name for his blunt opinions and professional expertise at the Trump Administration’s COVID-19 briefings. The 79-year-old doctor is now an official a celebrity since Brad Pitt just portrayed him on Saturday Night Live, the comedy sketch show that has relentlessly mocked the Trump Administration. Fauci said of the star during a Telemundo interview:

“I think he did great , I mean I’m a big fan of Brad Pitt, and that’s the reason why when people ask me who I would like to play me I mention Brad Pitt.”

“I think he showed that he is really a classy guy when at the end he took off his hair and thanked me and all of the healthcare workers. So, not only is he a really great actor but he is actually a classy person.

Fauci also mentioned Pitt’s portrayal of him during another interview, this time with Economic Club.

“He got the raspiness of my voice right. He got the hand movements right. I think he’s got to work a little on the Brooklyn accent.”

A reporter familiar with Fauci’s comments tweeted about it:

This is sure to not sit well with the Trump Administration, and Fauci has been suspiciously absent from recent coronavirus briefings. They are sure to not let anyone who might contradict Trump in real-time on the air now, and Anthony Fauci is unfortunately at the top of that list.


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