Fauci Calls On Trump To Encourage Coronavirus Vaccinations

Dr. Anthony Fauci, who served in and out of grace on former president Donald Trump’s coronavirus task force, pleaded with his former boss on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace to throw his considerable weight behind the effort to get Americans vaccinated against the coronavirus.

Fauci noted that development of the coronavirus vaccines advanced rapidly under the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed initiative and expressed puzzlement about why Trump, post-presidency, has done nothing to promote the results of that effort. Trump is conspicuously absent from the public service announcement featuring all other living former presidents and their spouses – Carters, Clintons, Bushes and Obamas – urging people to get vaccinated. He even kept secret the fact that he and wife, Melania, received the vaccine in January while still in office.

Wallace presented Fauci with survey results which showed that 49 percent of Republican men say they do not plan to get any of the available vaccines that would protect them from contracting COVID-19 disease. Fauci responded by saying that Trump still maintains tremendous influence over Republicans and said that if the twice-impeached one-term former president would encourage his followers to get vaccinated the United States would make great progress toward returning to a sense of normalcy.

“I think it would make all the difference in the world. He’s a very widely popular person among Republicans,” Fauci said. “If he came out and said go and get vaccinated. It’s really important for your health, it’s really important for the health of your family and the health of the country, it seems absolutely inevitable that the vast majority of people who are his close followers would listen. This is not a political issue,” he said. “It’s a public health issue.”

Wallace asked Fauci if he considered what Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott did last week by dropping mask mandates and allowing all businesses there to fully reopen was a wise move. The infectious disease expert was succinct in his reply. “I think it’s risky and potentially dangerous,” Fauci said. “When you pull back on all mitigation methods, on all public health guidelines, that’s when you get into trouble.”

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