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Far-Right Fundraisers Are Only Getting More Bizarre

Far-Right Fundraisers Are Only Getting More Bizarre

What can you sell to a Donald Trump fan? Judging by the fundraisers that his GOP allies are running, they feel they can market just about anything to his supporters.

CULLMAN, ALABAMA – AUGUST 21: Former U.S. President Donald Trump (R) welcomes candidate for U.S. Senate and U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) to the stage during a “Save America” rally at York Family Farms on August 21, 2021 in Cullman, Alabama. With the number of coronavirus cases rising rapidly and no more ICU beds available in Alabama, the host city of Cullman declared a COVID-19-related state of emergency two days before the Trump rally. According to the Alabama Department of Public Health, 67.5% of the state’s population has not been fully vaccinated. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Earlier this month, the Republican National Committee was benefitting from the sales of a red t-shirt that declared the wearer a moron, with an alternative definition referencing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s alleged labeling of her GOP colleague, Kevin McCarthy, as the same for falsely claiming that mask rules are antiscientific.

Now, Senator Mo Brooks (R-AL), who has already made pandering history by changing his Twitter handle to boast with every tweet that he’s “endorsed by President Trump,” is offering a chance to win a poster signed by the former president. What does one have to do, in order to have an opportunity to hold in their own hands a poster advertising a political rally for someone who already lost, but doesn’t seem to know it yet?

Oh, just fork over $15 (or more) to Brooks’ Senate campaign fund.

Of course, it’s advertised as a ‘free’ prize giveaway — but it’ll cost a donation supporting Brooks to enter.

[Screenshot via Mo Brooks/WinRed]

At least this particular fundraiser isn’t marketing merch that spreads deadly propaganda, like Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ “Don’t Fauci My Florida” campaign, which sold mugs and t-shirts, but for elevating an ousted president to the status of celebrity, and for being set up to take the most donations possible for a single product, it definitely scores near the top of bizarre and outrageous Republican fundraisers.

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