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Fans Booing Trump Should be Held Accountable…HUH? [Opinion]

Fans Booing Trump Should be Held Accountable…HUH? [Opinion]

Frank Luntz is called a political consultant by some. Others consider him a pollster, but while he is known for occasionally coming up with talking points for Republican causes, he’s the last guy anyone should call a “public opinion guru,” as he’s touted on his questionable Wikipedia listing.

One thing about Frank Luntz — he is an incredible guy, with some incredible opinions. Am I being vaguely clear here?

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As a guest on Laura Ingraham’s Monday night Ingraham Angle, Luntz lamented about the behavior of the fans attending Game 5 of the World Series. Held in Washington D.C., Luntz was prompted to comment on the booing by historian and CNN contributor Timothy Naftali, who offered up this theory:

“You should hope that the president can go into a public space that has not been vetted or curated and not only get respect, but show respect, and this is the issue with someone who comes in to try to destroy being presidential,” Naftali said.

Luntz compared fans booing Trump to Hillary Clinton, saying “That was the same thing as Hillary Clinton declaring that half of America was deplorable.”

It should be noted that Clinton never actually said that, and her actual statement was wildly twisted, but that didn’t stop Luntz from going even further. “The fact is, they should hold those fans accountable,” Luntz proposed, adding “You don’t boo the president. You may disagree with him, you may think that he’s not what you wanted, but you don’t boo him. You show respect to him.”

I’m wondering exactly how he planned to hold the booers accountable, and what the consequences might be, but you’d have to ask Frank about his plan.

I don’t know about you, but considering this was a public event, and Trump is a public figure….all is fair when your orange face ends up on the Jumbotron, right?

WATCH: Fox Guest Wants Fans That Booed Trump to be “Held Accountable”

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What did Trump think was going to happen, anyway? The fact that the crowd began chanting “Lock Him Up” was oddly refreshing to me. I know, I know — ‘When they go low, we go high” — but it felt SO damn good to see the smile wiped right off Trump’s face when he realized that the crowd was chanting for his imprisonment. I’m thinking he should be glad he left Barron home (again).

The feeling inside me was warm and rather gleeful. I found myself smiling…no, I was gloating. You see, I was happy to see Trump in the real world outside of the hotels he owns, or playing golf at the courses he owns, or eating at one of the restaurants that bear his name. I wanted to see him eat a “spicy red hot,” choke on it, and watch Matt Gaetz frantically attempt to do the Heimlich maneuver to save Fat Nixon’s life (maybe).

As for Frank Luntz, if anyone should be held accountable for being booed, it’s the president himself. Respect is earned, not given, not even to the President.

Note: Former President Obama was cheered the two times he attended the World Series during his Presidency. Oh yeah, and he also threw out the first ball…TWICE.

Earned, not given.

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