Fake Right-Wing Prophet Wants Supporters to Stop Annoying Him About Donald Trump’s Prophesied Return

Fake right-wing prophet Hank Kunneman insisted on a “Prophetic Pulse Conference Call” on Wednesday that former President Donald Trump’s return to power is imminent and that Trump’s loyal “Christian” followers need to stop hounding him about a specific date.


First, Kunneman told his listeners and viewers to ignore the haters:

Now, remember, President Trump won the election, and so, for people to say, ‘Well, people prophesied that he’d win,’ he did win, and so we had a stolen election. And so the month of March has had a lot to celebrate. We’ve, you know, President Trump is not going anywhere. He’s launched a media website you can go to and begin to receive information. He’s re-engaging himself, and you’re not… listen If you don’t like President Trump, that’s your problem because he’s not done talking, and God’s not done with him.

And so that’s extremely important. There are some things that have to play out because we don’t realize how dark this country has been and the direction that, you know, the enemy and those that cooperate with them would love to take this country.

Kunneman then said that March contained numerous hints that Trump will be reinstalled, but only on God’s schedule, and therefore people need to stop pestering him:

So, there’s been a lot of signs in the month of March that are pointing to what I said. There’s a [sic] end result. There’s a promise. There’s a destination that God is trying to get us to to understand, and it has to do with, not man’s timing, but it has to do with the Lord’s timing. And I constantly get people texting me and asking me questions, you know, ‘well when do you think this is gonna be, that’s gonna be,’ and they throw out all these dates and I told them every time that’s not the date. 

Fret not, Kunneman added, because his flock’s faith is well-placed, and therefore Trump’s comeback is nigh:

You’re putting your own interpretation on it. And they said, ‘well Hank, do you know the date?’ No, but we can know times and seasons, and so I will say it this way.I’m sensing very strongly by the signs that God is giving that we’re gonna review that we are close to justice and righteousness being established, and what we cannot do is try to quit, give up, point the finger, and then begin to think, ‘Well, you know what? All of this was just a smokescreen.’

No, that’s what the enemy wants because it’s a sad day if all of God’s messengers, prophets, intercessors, Christians were somehow wrong and the fake news that we know has been fake news were the voice of truth. I don’t think so.

Something tells me that they will be very disappointed.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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