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Fake Prophet Tells Joe Biden to Apologize to God for Winning the 2020 Election

Fake Prophet Tells Joe Biden to Apologize to God for Winning the 2020 Election

Right-wing false prophet Robin Bullock has demanded that President Joe Biden issue a formal proclamation stating that he was not the lawful victor in the 2020 election and apologize to God for accepting the job which 81,268,924 Americans hired him to do.


Bullock delivered his remarks during his “Eleventh Hour” church service on Tuesday:

I heard there’s an opportunity for repentance for Joe Biden. Don’t get mad, and you needn’t be glad about that, but this is what I heard. Now this is what I heard.

He must – the Lord is giving this word, and he prompted me to do it over and over – you must stand up in front of the American people and admit what happened. Stand up and say, ‘It was a fraud.’ Stand up and say, ‘I didn’t win legitimately.’

Except for the fact that he did. Nevertheless, Bullock persisted:

Don’t tell your handlers what you’re going to say. Just say it before they can stop you. You would be heralded a hero at that point. Go ahead and say it and be the unexpected voice from that side.

It is an opportunity for you to make it right. I heard that in the spirit weeks ago, and I couldn’t say it til today. Stand up before the American people before your handlers can stop you. The Lord is going to bring it to you because you don’t see me. Maybe you do. But the Lord is going to bring it to you and drop it in your heart to do this. Do it. Get up in front of the people before they can stop you and say, ‘Listen, folks, we found out, I know this is a hoax. I’m not the legitimate president.’ And make it right, and everything will transition properly. It is a chance, hallelujah, before the Lord. He extended this hand of mercy.

This is next-level bananas for a couple of reasons.

First, even if Biden were to renounce his own presidency, Vice President Kamala Harris – not ex-President Donald Trump – would take his place because of a cute little document called the United States Constitution.

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Second, there is simply zero chance that it will happen, no matter what the voices underneath Bullock’s moppy hairdo tell him.

Regardless, Bullock has convinced himself that it will, and the results are hilarious.

Watch below via RightWingWatch:

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