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Fake Prophet Says God Will Punish Doubters and Disbelievers With ‘Insanity’

Fake Prophet Says God Will Punish Doubters and Disbelievers With ‘Insanity’

Right-wing “prophet” Robin Bullock – who now refers to himself as God’s “mouthpiece” – said during last Tuesday’s The Eleventh Hour church service that anyone who dares to challenge or question the word of God’s self-anointed cheerleaders risks having their life destroyed.


Bullock’s bizarre babbling began with a swipe at LGBTQ Americans, a frequent target of religious extremist hate:

All the foot-soldiers grab the prophets’ coats. Newsweek, hurlin’ in their teeth at prophets. Not just me, I’m talking about prophets! I’m by no means the only prophet. There’s prophets of great magnitude speaking everywhere right now, but yet they attack them. The groups that represent abominations before the Lord, the LGBTQ – whatever they call themselves, plus whatever they add – attacking prophets. 

Bullock menacingly forewarned that would-be naysayers should tread lightly if they wish to avoid having their brains scrambled:

You’re ripping the mantles of prophets, and you’ve determined your time of falling.The time of the prophets tries mens’ souls to see where they are. However you treat the mouth of God, it determines your future. It’s a dangerous thing to tear the garment of a prophet. That’s a dangerous thing to mock the mouthpiece of God. It’s very dangerous to do such a thing as that. Very dangerous. Once that happens, it leads to one thing: It leads to insanity.

You better watch taking hold of a prophet’s robe. You better, you better, you better wish to God that your fingers had grabbed something else. You should have put your fingers over your own mouth before you ripped the prophet’s robe because once you rip the prophet’s robe, a pronouncement comes from Heaven and says, ‘Today all your domain is rent from your hands.’ You remember this, and you call to the Lord and ask him to show honor on you again by you worshiping him because it’s not me – it’s the anointing he placed on me. It’s not these other prophets – it’s the anointing he placed on the other prophets.

Even though only Bullock can hear the voices in his head, he takes skepticism and doubt really personally:

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It’s not just us! It’s because we live by every word that comes out of his mouth and we become a mouthpiece. You better watch it. You better watch it. If you’re plotting a prophet’s downfall, you have dug a pit that you will fall in. If you’re plotting a prophet’s downfall, you’ve rolled a stone that will roll back over you again. If you’re plotting that, you remember something: You’re in the fringes of insanity, and everything you know will be rent from your hands. Wake up, and hear it!

The viewer is free to decide who came across as insane by watching below via RightWingWatch:

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