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Fake ‘Kenosha PD’ Site Calls Out City For Failing To Charge Officer In Jacob Blake Shooting

Fake ‘Kenosha PD’ Site Calls Out City For Failing To Charge Officer In Jacob Blake Shooting

Kenosha PD didn't buy their domain

Celebrities, politicians, and public entities know that, especially if you have or will make enemies, it’s a really good idea to go ahead and buy every domain name that sounds like it could be yours. Otherwise, it’s very likely that a fake site will pop up, to troll, misrepresent, attempt to correct the record, or even to scam supporters. However, the city of Kenosha, WI, failed to buy the domain name “kenoshapd.com” — and now it’s set up to call out law enforcement for the shooting of Jacob Blake, for not arresting the officer involved, and for the additional shootings that happened when a 17yo with a rifle attempted to join law enforcement in ‘policing’ the protests.

Kenosha PD didn't buy their domain
Protesters march with the family of Jacob Blake during a rally against racism and police brutality in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on August 29, 2020. – Demonstrations have been ongoing since Jacob Blake was shot by Kenosha Police officer Rusten Sheskey on August 23. (Photo by STEPHEN MATUREN / AFP) (Photo by STEPHEN MATUREN/AFP via Getty Images)

The real site for Kenosha Police Department is here — a page within the kenosha.org site for the city. However, a new site has been created, and it’s not exactly in support of the police department.

Over a photo of Officer Rusty Sheskey — the officer who reportedly fired 7 shots into Jacob Blake’s back — KenoshaPD.com offers this headline:


Following up in a short paragraph beneath, the site accuses the officer of attempted murder, before giving contact info for the PD in case anyone wants to pile on with demands for justice.

The Kenosha Police Department understands that Officer Rusty “Trombone” Sheskey committed egregious attempted murder by shooting Jacob Blake in the back 7 times, but we would prefer to commend him rather than appropriately punish him. He’s still getting paid to be that bad at his job!

Another segment references statistics on domestic violence among law enforcement. Purple Beret has more information on this, but studies have found significant rates of domestic abuse in law enforcement families, and that police departments often do little to prevent it among their officers.

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There’s also a Blue Lives Matter Thin Blue Line flag with an addendum suggesting that civilian lives don’t also matter, and an image of Kyle Rittenhouse with the logo “Kyle’s Kids Korner” — with the “KKK” highlighted in stars.

Kyle Rittenhouse Kids Korner on satire site
[Screenshot via KenoshaPD(Satire Site)]

It’s certainly not the first time a satire or falsified site has been made as a clone of something more official for political reasons. In 2014, the LA Times reported on sites popping up that alleged to be for various Democratic candidates. However, they were fake, and donations went to the National Republican Congressional Committee instead. The fake Kenosha PD site does identify (in small letters at the end of the page) itself as satire, and does not invite donations, only political action. The full site can be viewed here.

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