Fake GOP Campaign Sites Highlight Hypocrisy, Corruption, And Ethics Violations

South Park writer Toby Morton has spent some of his free time during the pandemic putting his creative skills to a different type of work. He’s turned his powers of parody and humor to the 2020 election, creating new websites for GOP incumbents. However, supporters who click on these sites for more information will quickly learn a different view of their candidate than they perhaps expected.

fake sites highlight gop hypocrisy, treason
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On the Lindsay Graham 2020 site, for instance, voters will find themselves informed that Graham is a “hypocrite and lapdog,” who “has earned a reputation as a hypocritical and gutless politician,” and is “spineless and cannot be trusted.”

On another page of the site, voters are treated to videos of Graham at work. In one, a voter approaches and asks Graham about his views on Trump failing to act in accordance to his oath. Lindsey quickly excuses himself and walks away. Another video cuts together clips of Graham, before the 2016 election, trashing Trump, calling him a “race-baiting, xenophobic, religious bigot,” before showing Graham’s turn to full-on Trump ally.

The site created for California representative Devin Nunes mocks him for suing to stop a parody Twitter account called “Devin Nunes Cow” from tweeting what Nunes calls defamatory statements — such as calling Nunes a “treasonous cowpoke,” and saying his boots are full of manure.

Videos on the site include a more serious look at Nunes’ downplaying of COVID-19, with clips of him suggesting people go out to restaurants, and claiming that shutting down schools was “overkill.”

For Florida Congressman Matt Gaetz, Morton’s website treatment highlights the Florida Bar’s case file for complaints that Gaetz improperly entered closed depositions during the Trump impeachment. It also focuses on Gaetz’s interactions with parents who lost children in the school shooting in Parkland, Florida, where he turns the conversation instead to immigration laws.

The Senate GOP site, however, is the centerpiece. Aside from directing voters to each of the other faux sites, it brings together videos of a wide range of GOP representatives, candidates, and operatives, from Mitch McConnell to Roy Moore to Bill Barr. A merch page offers shirts representing “Moscow Mitch” and “Leningrad Lindsey,” each with hammer and sickle to suggest where loyalty lies.

Each site has a donation page, but makes it very clear that a donor is supporting Morton’s work, not the GOP candidate. Most of the sites, in turn, direct a viewer’s support to the candidate’s opponent: Jaime Harrisson for Graham, Phil Arballo for Devin Nunes, and Kim Mangone to replace Kevin McCarthy.

There’s more to come — Morton’s central GOP site promises “GOP TV” coming in June.

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