Failed MAGA Candidate DeAnna Lorraine Tells Fans, Never Give GOP Another Dime, Don’t Trust Them On Election Security

DeAnna Lorraine, who ran to unseat Representative Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), but didn’t make it past the primary, where she received less than 2% of the vote, is done with the GOP. She’s telling her fans to join her in some light protest by never again supporting Republican candidates, or trusting them on matters of election integrity.

DeAnna Lorraine -- don't support Republicans
[Screenshot via InfoWars/Banned Video]

DeAnna Lorraine has never given up on the lies Donald Trump spread about the outcome of the 2020 Presidential Election. She showed up at the Capitol, and afterward got angry when antifa was blamed (or credited, from her point of view) for the attack, saying that the attack was what America needs more of.

Now on her Telegram channel, Lorraine is lashing out over GOP claims to fight for election integrity.

Ronna McDaniel announced a new commission on election integrity, continuing to promote the false narrative of election interference, covered at US News Express here.

Jumping on this, DeAnna Lorraine told her readers not to trust it.

Lorraine mocks GOP integrity (on elections anyway)
[Screenshot via DeAnna Lorraine/Telegram]

What a JOKE. The GOP, RNC, etc is dead and everyone should treat it as such. Don’t even give them the time [of] day. Anything out of their mouths now since they had every chance to “defend election integrity” is a BS farce just to get more money out of your pockets.

She went on to ask her fans for a promise to unsubscribe from GOP fundraising emails and no longer allow them to “insult your intelligence and rape you for money.”

DeAnna Lorraine says not to give money to Republicans
[Screenshot via DeAnna Lorraine/Telegram]

Lorraine, who now hosts on InfoWars, declared that she herself will never give another dime to any “GOP, RNCer.”

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