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Failed Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Celebrates Vandalism Of Georgia Guidestones

Failed Georgia Gubernatorial Candidate Celebrates Vandalism Of Georgia Guidestones

Kandiss Taylor promised that if she became Governor of Georgia, she’d have the Georgie Guidestones destroyed. She was not elected — not by a long shot — but the monument has been destroyed anyway, with reports of an explosion in the early hours of Wednesday morning. While the investigation into this apparent vandalism continues, the failed candidate is celebrating the destruction.

[Quentin Melson, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons]

Reporting from multiple news outlets Wednesday morning shared that the Georgia Guidestones, a monument in Elbert County inscribed with a list of sentiments a man going by R.C. Christian proposed for the world to follow, had been destroyed by an apparent explosion around 4am. A clip from WYFF4 shows the destruction.

You can read more about the creation of the monument in 1980, including the complete list of tenets engraved in the stones, from the New Georgia Encylopedia, here.

Taylor has been promising that she would have the monument, which she deems “satanic,” destroyed if she was elected as Georgia Governor. Below, see her tweet from March, including a conspiracy-theory-packed video clip about why she thinks the Guidestones should be destroyed.

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As previously reported, she included the monument’s removal ni her list of executive orders she planned to implement immediately upon being sworn in as Governor, alongside forbidding students to wear “furry” clothing to schools, requiring schools to teach that the U.S. government was founded on the Christian Bible, and opening an investigation into Donald Trump’s 2020 election loss.

Her would-be constituents must not have agreed with her plans too hearitly, though, because they rejected her soundly at the polls, with Clarity Elections reporting that she took a total of less than 3.5% of the vote.

After the news broke of the vandalism, Taylor tweeted her celebration, also absolving any potential suspects of guilt by asserting that God was the one who carried out the destruction.

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