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Fact-Checkers Counted Every Lie Trump Told — Now They Say There Are Too Many To Count

Fact-Checkers Counted Every Lie Trump Told — Now They Say There Are Too Many To Count

Daniel Dale is a reporter for CNN. He’s been tracking lies told by Donald Trump for about four years now. He’s finally hit his limit.

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Dale told the L.A. Times that he thought he’d be able to stop counting lies after Hillary Clinton won — then she didn’t. Though he’d have shifted to fact-checking Clinton’s statements, this wouldn’t have been an equivalent task to the ongoing process of tallying Trump’s untruths.

In fact, Dale has more recently made the same comparison with regard to Biden, openly recognizing that Biden has said things that are inaccurate or even false, but that they don’t compare to Trump’s “avalanche of lying.”

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With the election approaching, it has only gotten more intense. The Washington Post reported last week that Trump had amped up his lying. Their fact-checking team had kept up until Trump received the Republican nomination this year, on August 27. At that point, they’d counted 22,247 false claims in 1,316 days — just under a 17 per day average. However, in those last weeks of counting, he hit an average of over 50 lies per day — and since the inauguration, their fact-checking team has been unable to keep up.

Dale says essentially the same thing, although he made it into September. He has a database where he sorts the false claims, and he either reads or listens to every word the president says or tweets, filtering through every claim, researching and checking. He’s even got a system for determining whether to count lies that are told multiple times in the same speech, and counting how many times the president has repeated a specific lie.

Now Trump is doing several rallies a day — with as many as five per day planned in this last week before election day. He’s talking to crowds all the time. Dale says it’s finally too much. “He’s talking so much and telling so many important lies that I don’t have the time to research all the little ones.”

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