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Facebook Just Revealed How Far Its Ban On Donald Trump Goes

Facebook Just Revealed How Far Its Ban On Donald Trump Goes

According to Lara Trump, daughter-in-law to the former president, the Facebook ban on Donald Trump is so complete and absolute that they’ve sent her a message promising to delete any content posted “in [his] voice.”

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Donald Trump’s social media bans may also include a ban on using anyone else’s account as a proxy to spread disinformation. Twitter applied this rule, as the Boston Globe reported in January, banning or suspending all the accounts that Trump tried using after his own was blocked, including the official POTUS account and the Team Trump campaign account.

Now Facebook appears to be preventing the former president from using his daughter-in-law’s role as an interviewer to sneak him back on the platform.

Earlier this week, Eric Trump shared a letter that was ostensibly sent by Facebook after Lara Trump announced on her Instagram account that she’d be interviewing Donald Trump on video. The letter warns that “content posted on Facebook and Instagram in the voice of President Trump is not currently allowed on our platforms…and will be removed” and that accounts posting it would be subject to limitations.

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Despite this warning, Lara completed her interview and posted the content to Facebook. CNBC was able to confirm with Facebook’s team that they responded, as promised, by deleting the video.

Now Ms. Trump is feigning shock and crying censorship as she shares a screenshot of a message in which Facebook again contacts the Trump team to confirm that they did indeed enforce their site’s rules as promised.

Trump has been banned from Facebook and Instagram, as well as other platforms, since he was implicated in inciting the attack on the Capitol in January.

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