Facebook Is Sneakily Supporting GOP Voter Suppression

Following their post insurrection declaration that they will stop political donations, Facebook gave $50,000 to a Republican group that is pushing voter suppression laws.

Samuel Corum/Getty Images

Facebook has had a difficult relationship with politics over the last 5 years. The tech company has been blasted for doing little to rid itself of fake political stories. And these stories helped propel Donald Trump to the White House in 2016.

Following the insurrection on the Capitol, Facebook announced that they would be suspending all donations to political causes. The company said the pause would be in place for, “at least the current quarter, while we review our policies.”

But according to Popular Information’s Judd Legum, “44 days later, Facebook donated $50,000 to the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC). Facebook routed the donation through a fundraising vehicle that the RSLC set up in Virginia, a state with lax campaign finance laws that allows unlimited direct corporate contributions..”

Legum also notes, “the RSLC is directly encouraging state officials to make voting more difficult. The group supported a version of the Georgia voting legislation that was even harsher than the measure that ultimately became law. The RSLC supported ending no-excuse absentee voting in Georgia and completely banning drop boxes.”

Facebook responded to the story by saying the donation was “standard practice” and amounted to “membership dues.” The statement continued, “[the donation] reflects the fact there‚Äôs an election happening in Virginia, with a lieutenant gubernatorial race on the ballot, this year.”

You can read Legum’s full report here

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